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P-1 Sonia Orchid       $32.85                                                 P-2 Triple Tub / Orchid  $45.85


P-3 Micro Ginger       $45.85                                              P-4 Ti Leaf Maile / Dens  $59.85


  P-5 Tub / Bozu        $45.85                                                P-6 Kapiolani Lei         $53.85


P-7 Ti Lei / 6 Flowers $29.85                                              P-8 Ti Leaf Maile Lei $49.85


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Fresh Hawaiian Leis will guaranteed all none fragrant Leis to be arrival in good condition or money back ( Lei cost only and not applicable to E svs and Discounted Items ). But except our shipper failed their delivery commitment or Recipient not in, Address Error, Bad weathers Agriculture Dept Delay or Hold Up,  then this guarantee will be null and voided. Also, we are not liable for any perishable Items. ( any Fragrant flowers or Leis. ).

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