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 Single Lei $8.75       Double Lei $22.75       Special Lei $27.75    Orchid Lei


Custom Make Lei

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Note:1.Please high light the sample information first then enter your Info. 2. Lei quotation Plus is available and price tag will be $25 which is included Lei description, detail of charge and a accurate total of the charge on your account. 3.Sorry, we will not issue any quotation on the month of  April, May and June or no price tag and insufficient info. 4. We will respond your Lei Quote immediately only if it "urgent". Such as your Leis that must be ship with 24 to 48 HRs. 5. Sonia Orchid Lei and Ti Leaf Lei, we always have a large amount in stock.

Note:2. The size of the Lei will alternated the shipping charge, for instance, we can pack 20 single Tuberose Leis into No 10 Box ( $48.50 ) because they are small Leis. But the No 10 Box can not carry out 15 Sonia Lei due with the Leis size is 4 to 5 time bigger then the Single Tuberose Lei. Therefore, the No 9 Box is required for the 15 Sonia Orchid Leis and the shipping charge is $55.50.                                       

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Delivery Schedule

1. Ship out date: Mondays - Fridays.                                            Arrival Date: Mondays to Saturdays.

2. Federal Express Guaranteed will deliver your Lei Pack with in one to two days at any where in U.S.A.

Note: Ti Leaf Leis ( 1-99 )and Sonia Orchid Lei ( 1-99 ) are always in stock.

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The price of  the Sonia Orchid Lei is determine by the quality of the flowers which means the lower price of the Sonia Orchid Lei will has lower quality flowers.
















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