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We guarantee all our none Fragrant Lei to be arrival in good condition. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with any of the Fresh arrival none Fragrant Lei or have any concern of the billing or Lei substitution issue and planning to FILL A CREDIT DISPUTE to settle this issue. Then please repack all the fresh arrival Leis and return entire shipment back to us by via FEDERAL EXPRESS PRIORITY OVERNIGHT ONLY. We will happy to issue a full credit back to your account. Of cause, to eligible for a full credit or refund that all returned Lei must be under resale table condition. Sorry, buyer are liable for the RETURNING FEE and Fragrant or Delicate Leis are none refundable item if  with out the Fragrant Lei insurance purchase.

Also, Our on time delivery guarantee is bound by FedEx or UPS Delivery Policy. Which means if Fedex or UPS failed their delivery commitment, we will forward your late delivery or damage claim to their cargo department to ask for a fair settlement, but your refund is guaranteed by our carrier, not our company. Except the late delivery is created by USDA interruption or hold up, recipient is not in, wrong address, any thing which act by the God then the on time delivery guarantee may null and void by our carrier.

Below is our important foot note, please review it thoroughly prior to place your ONLINE ORDER      Mahalo MLF.

Note: 1, We are guaranteed all FRESHNESS LEIS or FLOWERS will pack with your shipment and landed on your state on time which is guaranteed by FedEx or UPS. Therefore you are worry free if you purchase from us.

2, Federal Express charge $12.50 extra for address correction, forward address and Saturdays delivery. We will automatically forward those charge to your account if your arrival date is fall on SATURDAYS or an Incorrect Recipient address is occur.

2a. Sorry, our Website is not a secure site if you have any concern of your Card info that may hack by net thief please phone in your payment info. However, we have been lucky and ever have any "accident" in past 15 years.

5. Sorry, C.O.D. service is not available and no shipment will be send if the payment is not clear.

6. Federal Express will not accept any claim if you were exceed 15 days period of the delivery day.

6b. We will not accept any damage claim if your claim with out any photo proof nor one day old.

7, Sorry, no Lei Order cancellation will be accepted if you did not file your order cancellation with our special Lei Order Cancellation Form. ( net order ) or with out a cancellation confirmation ( phone order ).  We may automatically charge a  order cancellation fee plus any other cost on your Charge Account.

7a. Sorry, your signature is required to release your package if your order is over $150.00 purchase.

7aa. Lei Quotation is always available if you have any concern of your budget  then request a Lei Quote prior to ship your order. Otherwise we will do as usual " pack and ship it".

7b. Sorry, any Online Lei Order , we will respond with e mail only which included any concern of your order or claim. Do not place any Lei Order ,if you have any confusion of our Website and contact us for Form Assit.

7c. Any Online Specials is only available Order Online and must submit your order in the same page.

7d. We will not liable for any RUSH ORDER, LAST MINUTE ORDER and INCOMPLETE ORDER ( insufficient shipping information ) errors which included miss packing or communication and other errors. Therefore, we recommend that customer should  place their Online order in 7 days advance.

7e. We reserve a right that we will bill the recipient for the entire order cost  or balance. Only if the customer file a Credit Dispute with the Leis were received on time and in good conditions. If you feel, this is unreasonable to you then stop! do not submit any order.

7f. Our Fresh Lei Guarantee Policy does not cover the follow Items: Carrier Delay, Monday Delivery, Hotel Delivery, Blossoms, Fragrant Lei, Delicate Lei, Discounted Lei, Promotion Lei and any Free Items.

8, All information on our website is not current updated if you do need the current information, please call us at .




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INTERNET ANSWERING MACHINE                                      

Aloha, we apology for this inconvenience due our Website up data is in processing .

Please leave a brief message on the Internet Answering Machine or send us a Email.

 we respond as soon as we can.



We will guaranteed most none fragrant Leis ( Lei Selection A  ) to be arrival in good condition or money back ( Lei cost only and not applicable to Discounted Items, Frozen Leis, Economic, UPS Service, Deliver with out signature and Hotel, Saturdays, Mondays Delivery ). Also, our Lei Guaranteed Policy does not cover the follow conditions which are if our shipper failed their delivery commitment or Recipient is not in, Address Error, Bad weathers and Agriculture Dept Delay or Hold Up, then our Lei Guarantee will be null and voided. Further, our Lei Guaranteed Policy does not cover any Fragrant flowers or Leis such as Pikake, Ilima, Ginger, Plumeria, Tuberose, Pakalana, Carnation if with you did not purchase any Fragrant Lei Insurance when you place your order.        

3. Cashier Check may require if your purchase amount is over limited of $200.00 or other special condition..

4. 15-25 % additional charge may apply to any Order if it failed to meet the requirement of note 3.( OPL-200 )

4a. Fragrant Lei Insurance is required for any Fragrant Lei Order if you exceed our $200.00 Credit Card purchase limit.