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Warring: you waive your right to hold FedEx nor us to responsible for any resulting claims: if you select option No 2 which is Leis release w/o signature.

FEDERAL EXPRESS CHARGE EXTRA $22.50 FOR SATURDAY DELIVERY. ( Cashier check may require & Call us to confirm )

Note: You will receive no Leis until Monday if Federal Express encounter plane delay problem and we may not give any credit nor refund.

Special Request for Wedding or Very Important Event  Option only       Leis must be deliver on time or MONEY BACK     Extra Charge $99.50.  

Keep Order below   $100         $200              $300              $400          $500          $600

Caution: We will decrease the quantity of your Lei Order if your total purchase price is exceed the amount as you selected above!

Please review our Shipping Policy then

CAUTION! READ THE IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE YOU CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON                           Recipient available on Weekend      

Sorry, We may not issue any refund or credit to any late delivery or damage claim if our shipping company ( Federal Express ) failed their delivery commitment. However, We will forward your claim to their Cargo Dept and request for a fair settlement for your case. But your refund is  guaranteed by Federal Express not our company.

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Note: The size of the Lei will alternated your shipping charge, for instance, we can pack 20 single Tuberose Leis into No 10 Box ( $48.50 ) because they are small Leis. But the No 10 Box won't able carry out 15 Sonia Lei due with the Leis size is 4 to 5 time bigger then the Single Tuberose Lei. Therefore, the No 9 Box is required for the 15 Sonia Orchid Leis and the shipping charge is $55.50 instead $46.50.


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The extra $50.00 charge which included:

Saturday Delivery $13.00    Forward Address delivery $12.00.   Priority Overnight Service $10.00 to $25.00.

Note: We have no intention to forward those charge to you, however, we do received a few complaint that they did not receive any Leis, even they have been placed Lei order online and miss their important event due with insufficient info.

Therefore We advise all our valuable customer, please take a few minutes to complete the Lei selection Form and Lei Order Form with sufficient Info then this option will not be necessary and your Leis will ship out on time.






1. click on DAILY LEI MENU ( it locate below the first Lei photo of our Home Page )
2. click on LEI ORDER FORM ( it locate on top portion of page )
3. complete HAWAIIAN LEI ORDER FORM and SUBMIT ( a form confirmation number should be appear - 3345 )
4. click on SHOPPING CART to SUBMIT your CREDIT CARD info and purchase item. ( review the THANK YOU PAGE carefully )
5.Sorry, the design of our Online Order Form that may cause your inconvenient, However, we only miss 1 Lei order in 15 years.










Your CVC/CVV Number is found on the back of your credit card on the signature panel. It is comprised of the last three digits appearing on the signature panel.











Your CVC/CVV Number is found on the back of your credit card on the signature panel. It is comprised of the last three digits appearing on the signature panel.




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Special request - Option only

Yes, I want my shipment send as my order request, regardless the recipient address is not found in your data base or lost contact with me or any other conditions. ( your Leis is guarantee to be send on time if you mark this option. We do charge extra $50.00 for this special service and give no excuse if you have been checked this special option. )

Click here to confirm that I do not need no Leis Quotation and ship as my order requested.  ( no extra charge )



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